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Indywood is back again for the Grand edition after its 2 successful editions at Kochi and Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. Project Indywood is conceived and scripted to be a blue print for the quality revolution in the Production, Distribution and Exhibition of films in India. Even after achieving 40% of market share on theatre admissions and the total number of movies being produced, Indians never get a chance to make or experience 4K movies in its original quality due to the substandard condition of studios and theatres. This 10 Billion US Dollar project from a consortium of 2000 Indian Corporate Firms and Multi Millionaires, is expected to elevate Indian film industry to be at par or above its peers in the world.Innovative technology applications, world class infrastructure and new business models to rejuvenate the industry are envisaged.

Meaningful partnerships and alliances are expected to be chalked out for better, cost-effective production and post-production works. Sharing of cheaper skilled resources, joint location facilities and finding new markets are only some of the highlights of the project.

Indywood Film Carnival is a curtain raiser to the project. We are emphasizing the term ‘CARNIVAL’, when it comes to our 2017 programme.

The film carnival promises a rich visual treat for discerning cineastes, with an array of national and international entries. The global film industry is looking forward to this historic event with keen interest and lots of expectations. For the entrepreneurs, the international film market associated with the carnival provides an ideal platform to meet, network, negotiate and strike deals. For the industry aspirants and professionals we have seminars, interactive forums, conferences and exhibitions attended by the leaders of the industry. For discovering next generation talents of the film industry, we have a special session ‘Talent Hunt’. The star studded award ceremonies and the dream walk over the red carpet are attractions never to miss. It is a programme packed with film highlights- from the best of world cinema to the terrific regional films, from the late night cult treats to the delightful networking parties…

Come to where the action is! Come to Ramoji Film City, the World's Largest Film Studio to experience it.