Market Screenings offer a unique opportunity to filmmakers to showcase their films to a selected audience comprising of sales agents, distributors, producers, festival programmers and directors in digital theatre arrangement at the IFM venue. Filmmakers can choose to open these screenings to public or to a selected audience. Filmmakers may even choose to present their line up to international distributors, film festival programmers, sales agents attending the film market.

Booking rates :
Indian Clients: INR 15,000 (inclusive of all taxes)
Foreign Clients : USD 300 (inclusive of all taxes)


  • What is the benefit of conducting a Market Screening?
  • ANS:Market screenings offer filmmakers an ideal opportunity to showcase their films to international audience and sales agents and distributors prior to its actual release or festival participation.

  • How many people can watch the screening at a given time?
  • ANS: Our digital theatre can accommodate 20 to 30 people at a time.

  • How can you book a Market screening?
  • ANS:To book for a market screening filmmakers must register as a IFM delegate


  The deadline for submitting your films for Market Screening is September 15, 2017
  Films can be submitted in DVDs and Blu-Ray format. Alternatively pen drives are also permitted
  Films should have a minimum duration of 90 mins
  English subtitles is a pre-requisite for films where the original language is not English.
  Entry is restricted for IFM delegates.

Entry Materials
  All submissions must be followed by a duly filled online entry form and a password protected link to the film, as applicable.
  To submit physical copies of a film, filmmakers can contact our marketing programming team for further instructions
  Physical submissions must meet all the above mentioned eligibility criteria


1. IFM will not be responsible for the performance or failure to perform, act or omission with respect to any screening, including but not limited to errors, oversights or negligence, of IFM staff, theatre staff and/or vendors, power or equipment failure, picture or sound quality, lost or damaged print / tape, errors uploading a digital file, reels projected out of order, unsupported format delayed start, noise from any source during the screening or for any other failure, act or omission whatsoever. Subject to the above, in no event shall IFM be liable for any amount in excess of the amount paid to screen the film at IFM.

2. Distribution of Material at IFM Screening Facilities and Exhibition Space Promotional materials must not be left unattended at the IFM screening facilities. Promotional materials can be distributed inside the IFM screening facility during an Exhibitor's screening only. An Exhibitor may not distribute any publication by a Person who is not an Exhibitor, Sponsor or Affiliate from its Exhibition Space.

3. All materials distributed in violation of the IFM Market Rules will be removed and discarded by IFM security and the costs of such removal will be charged to the Exhibitor.

4. Physical entry materials received will not be returned and will be destroyed or discarded by the IFM.

5. In case of Multiple Entries, each film must be submitted individually accompanied a completed online entry form. Please refrain from sending links to multiple film entries in your online entry form or compile DVDs composed of works for separate entries, as any or all of them may be disqualified.

Note : It is the sole responsibility of the filmmaker to ensure that film and entry details are properly submitted. Soon after completing the online entry, you shall receive an email confirmation. If not, kindly contact us on :+91 9539000134 /: