IFM panel discussions featuring ace film makers, scholars and industrial stalwarts was held from Nov 16-18. The panel has been discussed 8 different topics related to film business such as Market trends, Success formula of films, transnational channels of film distribution and Movie marketing. Indywood Film Market invites all movie buffs to these productive conversations which provide in depth and updated knowledge on each spheres of film business.

Film making is both an artistic and commercial venture. As part of ALIIFF and IFM, intensive workshops will be organized on the festival days. The workshop will bring together selected scholars and film makers representing their own specialized areas of research and interests. Sessions will include both moderated group discussions and prepared presentations. Dynamics of World cinema, Transnational channels of film Distribution, New media and movie marketing, Independent films etc. will be the topics for discussions .
We invite all curious and passionate people towards cinema to the rare opportunity for productive conversations. Film and media students are allowed special entry to the venues during the workshop hours.


If you want to do it with your soul, Do it with Quark!

Yes! It will take only just three days to learn the mastery of Digital Film Making. Quark is here to ignite your creative passion towards the moving images and to keep it ever burning..! The National Award winning director duo Nandan Saxena and Kavitha Bahl will be at All Lights India International Film Festival for the 3day hands on workshop on Photography and Digital Film Making. The film maker couple who has conducted a number of master classes and workshops at various film festival circuits during the past few years will lead sessions on different aspects of filmmaking. The 5 sessions with Quark will provide you a comprehensive understanding on Digital Film Making and related perspectives. Any student, independent or amateur film maker is welcomed by us.
The Registration fee for Quark workshop is fixed as Rs.1000/- per head.

IFM hosts a rocking workshop - 'Everything They Don't Teach You in Acting Class' a cold reading and Audition technique workshop with award winning writer-director- producer-working actor Jeff Rector. Join Jeff for this incredible two day intensive workshop covering audition techniques for Television / Films/ Commercials/ and Voice-overs. Learn quick audition techniques that will get you the call-back and then the booking. Jeff will impart valuable information in two days that it took him years in the business to learn. His audition techniques will work for you no matter what level actor you are. Actors will work with a variety of scripts and learn the different audition techniques unique to that particular casting situation. Also learn how to network and market yourself.
The Entry fee is fixed as Rs. 1000/- per head.

Indywood Film Market presents an awesome workshop of Wishberry on Crowd Funding! Over 250 projects across films, music, arts, comics etc., have risen close to 5 crores so far from 11,000 backers using Wishberry! Here's your chance to meet Wishberry and learn the what, why and how of crowd funding. This is an exclusive workshop for filmmakers, so if you have a short film, documentary, feature film etc., and you need money to bring them to life, you should be here!Enrol Soon.
The Entry fee is fixed as Rs. 1000/- per head.

Come and join us at Indywood Film Market (IFM), here is a great way to learn the requisite skills of a documentary filmmaker. Yes! It's the time to release your inner film maker! Learn the techniques of Documentary Film Making - 'Documentary How& Where' lead by bollywood's Anjali Bhusan. Anjali will help you to think about, the art and craft of Docu - making from the conceptualisation to the implementation of this amazing profession of reality recording.
The modules covered are:

  • Documentary Filmmaking as a profession.
  • Types of Documentary and prerequisites
  • Approach and Script outline
  • Marketing of Documentary-Where is the market
  • Relevance of Indian Documentary; How to get it started?
  • Where to find funds?
  • Pitch Writing skills.

Registration fee is Rs. 1000/-

Indywood Film Market exclusively brings Bollywood's hit maker director Kabir Khan to lead an interactive session with the aspiring film makers. Mr. Kabir Khan who still stands on the spotlight after the historical success of his latest release 'Bhajrangi Bhaijaan' will interact with the budding film makers. The 75 minutes session will cover Kabir's philosophy, impetusand drives in direction. The session will also throw light on the director's transition from documentaries to fiction, his multi camera approaches to action and the politically laced subtexts of his films and much more! Register yourself to be participant of this interface.
The Entry fee is fixed as Rs. 1000/- per head.

IFM hosts an excellent workshop on 'Preservation and Restoration of Film and Video Content, lead by Prasad EFX , which is a pioneer and leader of Indian entertainment World. Being a proven expert in this field, Prasad EFX shares the art and techniques of preserving the visual content.
Registration fee is Rs. 1000/-