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Have a movie to show to your prospective clients/partners? Is your work-in-progress looking for distributors/agents?
If yes, then "IFM Cine Hut" is the space for you!

At Cine Hut, we offer you the option to screen your movie in a personal yet collective setting. Set up as an extended gallery stall, the infrastructure is arranged to support up to 20 people at a time on multiple computers/laptops. Your movie will be shown simultaneously on all systems to a curated audience of producers, exhibitors, investors, technologists, critics, friends and family, invited by you.

Rules & Regulations

Please read the following rules & regulations pertaining to booking & use of the Cine Hut at IFM 2017.

  • Seats are allotted at the Cine Hut on first-come first-serve basis.
  • The Cine Hut is open to anyone wanting to screen their independent work, irrespective of country or language.
  • All non-English films should carry English subtitles.
  • The films can be of any length and genre.
  • The films can be either completed or under-production (rough-cut stage or just before final edit).
  • All the technical requirements to screen the movie must be met by the exhibitor itself.
  • Films looking for funds/world sales/distribution partners/film festival entry are most preferred.
  • The Film Market Committee has the right to reject the film if guidelines and regulations are not adhered to, and/or submissions are incomplete/ in wrong format/ past due date, or any other reason specific to the film submitted. The decision of the committee is final.
  • There is a mandatory application fee of INR 5,000 (USD 100) for feature films (above 60 minutes) and INR 3,000(USD 50) for short/documentary films (under 60 minutes). At the time of submission, the application fee has to be paid. Any number of screenings of your film is possible, and time slots will be allotted purely on first-come first- serve basis. This fee is non-refundable.
  • The project documents submitted by the applicant may be rendered accessible to the third-party partners and evaluation committees associated with IFM.
  • Application for the Cine Hut will be considered complete only upon payment of the application fee.
  • Submitted material or fees shall not be returned to the applicant.
  • IFM is not responsible for submissions that are lost, stolen .
For Bookings Contact 09539078292